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Leasy is your toolset to build great event and appointment booking experiences

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Is Leasy the right solution for you?

Leasy is a cloud solution for businesses and organisations that have to manage the availability of assets or services based on a time schedule. Examples include rental businesses, hotels, cinemas, but also the service industry like hair-dressers, mechanics, craftspeople and many more.

All data of your business is managed with a clean and easy to understand user interface, while your customer facing website and offerings communicate via API. Leasy takes over scheduling logic, reservations, checkout*, analytics* and payments*. Still unsure? Start chatting with us!

*available soon

Are you ready to go headless?

The Three Aspects of Headless e-Commerce

API first

Build for integration and automation: You can access your data at any time using Leasy’s powerful API. Use any frontend of your choice or build your own integrations on top.

Hosted in the cloud

You build your business, we build the technology: Leasy scales fully automatically. Your data is stored safely and GDPR complaint with us.

Custom User Experiences

Build the user facing parts with the technology of your choice and create remarkable and unique user experiences. With frameworks like Next.js you can create blazingly fast eCommerce websites with high SEO rankings.

Three steps to start coding with Leasy


Setup your organisation on Leasy Cloud.

All the meta data of your business is managed in Leasy Cloud. No programming knowledge is needed to make changes in the data.

Sign up

Generate your API key.

Choose the right permission level for your usage and generate an access key. Leasy makes sure noone else can access your data!


Start fetching data

Make bookings via the SDK or directly with the API. Thanks to GraphQL, the API is flexible and you get all the data you want.


Do I have to build my own frontend in order to use Leasy?

Yes, currently you have to build your own website, that consumes the Leasy API. But, Leasy offers a Cloud UI, that allows you to easily modify organisational data.

What technologies can be used to build a website or service connecting to Leasy?

You can use any technology that is able to make HTTP requests. At Leasy, we will start by focusing on JAM stack technologies such as React and Next.js but we soon want to support other platforms and languages.

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