Leasy is a flexible Booking Platform for modern Applications

Designed for the needs of Developers to empower digitalised Organisations

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 import { Client } from 'leasy'; const leasy = new Client({ apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>' }); const slots = await leasy.timeSlots .byResource({ resourceId: id, available: true }); // get first available slot const { startTime, endTime } = slots.nodes[0]; await leasy.reservations.create({ bookings: [ { resourceId: id, start: startTime, end: endTime } ]});








When you need more than a shopping cart

Shopify, headless e-commerce, Stripe, you name it: Selling Products online is easy, right? But not everything is a shippable product. Leasy is a solution for whenever your product requires your customers to find a time slot with you.


Leasy is built for the requirements of modern applications

Calendar Rules

Use Leasy to manage the availability of your resources using familiar calendar rules.

In-cart Reservations

Resources are automatically reserved for a short duration during checkout.

Open Source UI

Building great accessible UIs is difficult. Our open source UI components help you build the right interface for your users.

Web Dashboard

Access all the information about your bookings on the Leasy Cloud Dashboard

Scalable by default

We host the infrastructure for you, so you can focus on your use case.

API first

Everything can be controlled, changed and automated via our API. In contrast to other calendar solutions, integration is not an afterthought.


Our GraphQL API allows you to get exactly the data you need without many roundtrips to the server.

Expert Support

We are happy to help you with the integration of Leasy into your application.

Three steps to start coding with Leasy


Setup your organisation on Leasy Cloud.

All the meta data of your business is managed in Leasy Cloud. No programming knowledge is needed to make changes to the data.

Sign up

Generate your API key.

Choose the right permission level for your usage and generate an access key. Leasy makes sure noone else can access your data!


Start fetching data

Make bookings via the SDK or directly with the API. Thanks to GraphQL, the API is flexible and you get all the data you want.

Partners and Funding


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